Chocolate Art at the Mountain Rose Inn

>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Previous guests of ours here at the Mountain Rose Inn know of my deep love for chocolate. It's often on display during our four-course breakfast dessert course and afternoon snacks. What can I say but that chocolate is a passion of mine. It's dark, rich sweetness just makes any meal, any day so much better.

Naturally, I was thrilled when a recent guest offered to teach me to make chocolate butterflies. I wasn't a natural at free-form drawing with chocolate as you can see from the photographs of our impromptu class. But I did learn the basics of drawing or writing with chocolate. So after some practice, here is my first attempt at using  my new-found hobby of chocolate art to decorate a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries for guests! What could be more fun or delicious! After all, with this hobby you can eat the projects that don't turn out so well.

 Happy Chocolate Indulgence to you,
Dora Jane


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